4 Ways to colour your fence

4 Ways to Colour your fence

4 Ways to colour your fence… Although often tragically overlooked, when it comes down to it, the fence is one of the most pivotal aspects of the garden. Besides acting as the barrier between your carefully cultivated patch of green and the troublesome world beyond, it serves as the frame in which your horticultural painting hangs. While most of us are satisfied with a single paint job to finish the look, why not step back and consider our four suggestions for how to add a “pop” of colour to your fence and finalise your garden design?

1. Two Tonal Colouring

A subtle touch, but one which is easily achievable; bring a very obvious “pop” of colour by use a two-tonal paint scheme on your fence. This can be done in a number of ways; perhaps by keeping the original shade of the wood exposed while painting the lower level a complimentary colour, doing both in equal measure or something entirely of your own creation. It can be in colours which flatter your flower choices, or which match your stonework and architecture; just make sure its something that you will be able to step back and survey with happiness on completion.

2. Ornaments

An option that seldom occurs to most people, but just as you would with the walls of your home, why not bring a hint of your personality to the garden fence by decorating it with a few trendy, individual ornaments? This provides an opportunity for your creativity to shine through as you consider all the options available. While bearing in mind it is probably worth using only those things which can endure the rigours of the elements (or that you would not miss too sorely should some unscrupulous individual make off with them) that being said, let your imagination run wild; bolt some empty picture frames to the boards, hang old road signs, attach tea lights…whatever lets you bring a hint of “you” to the scene.

3. Mixed Colours

The idea of a “rainbow” collage splashed across every individual board of your fence might not appeal to everyone but take a moment to consider how mixed colours can be used to achieve a more personal touch to your fence. There’s nothing that says you have to keep to the basic rainbow pattern, given the vast ranges of colour tones that exist out there. Adopt a refined approach with multiple woodland greens, browns and greys, or chooses those colours which will better compliment your overall design.

4. Mixed Materials

Arguably the most time-consuming suggestion in this list, however, for those of us who truly wish to bring an unusual and individual “pop” to the otherwise drab backdrop of our garden fence, combining different materials in the construction of your fence may be the ideal. Interspersing panels of pale bamboo mesh with darker brown timbers creates an instant and noticeable effect, with the natural colours of the woods serving to compliment each other and differentiate the otherwise drab background afforded by the garden fence.

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