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5 Ways to Use Light to Enhance Your Garden

5 Ways to Use Light to Enhance Your Garden… A homeowner’s garden design is often seen as an extension of the design of the home itself. After all, we spend just as much time crafting these spaces to suit our aesthetic narratives, devoting hours of arduous manual labour towards their construction. Given the amount of time and energy we spend turning these patches of ground into spaces we can rest and socialise in, it makes sense to ensure our gardens as also well lit so that we can enjoy them at all times of day. As a consequence, we have put together five suggestions for ways you can use light to enhance your garden.

1. Iron Braziers

There is something primeval, something ancestral, about a wood-burning fire. Ever since we first
emerged from our caves, our social gatherings and occasions have revolved around a merrily
burning fire. Iron braziers may seem more at home on the set of a medieval fantasy movie, but a
handful dotted around the garden can be perfectly unobtrusive; provided appropriate safety
measures are taken of course! Use them to illuminate specific areas such as banquette or deck with
recliners, or to line your path through your garden. The sight of these merrily crackling beacons will
certainly add a sense of simple ambience to your garden parties.

2. Firepit

Carrying on with the theme of fire, why not go one step further and install a central firepit? Despite
their imposing visage, they are relatively simple to install, though admittedly the maintenance can be
a chore. But you might consider it worth the hassle during those long dark winter nights when you
and the family are all gathered together around the glowing flames, toasting marshmallows or
roasting sausages while wrapped in blankets and watching the stars glow overhead.

3. Highlight the Features

We are all rightly proud of our carefully maintained flower plots, so why not show them off even at
night? Relatively cheap LED light tubing can be installed with ease around the perimeter of these
patches, or why not go one step further and place spotlights in amongst your foliage for a showstopping
final effect?

4. Retro Lighting

LEDs and fairy lights can be an incredibly versatile design tool, so let your mind run wild with the
possibilities. Old jam and chutney jars can, with a little effort, be turned into a collection of luminous
centrepieces for outdoor dining tables or placed along garden paths. Wrap them round branches to
bring an all-year festive feel to your space, or even create your own starlight canopy by tracing them
back and forth overhead.

5. Keep It Safe

Your choice of light will not only impact the aesthetic look of your garden, but also its security as
well. Motion sensor lights can be installed most anywhere; tree trunks, walls, doorways, and not only
bring lively illumination to your space but also a sense of security. Potential burglars thinking to
sneak in through your garden will think twice when they suddenly find themselves bathed in light.
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