Picture f purple Asters on a diffused garden hedge backdrop surrounded with other foliage - 8 Simple ways to enhance your garden without breaking the bank

8 Simple ways to enhance your garden without breaking the bank

8 Simple ways to enhance your garden without breaking the bank… Our gardens are places where we entertain friends and family, a place to read that new book or to simply relax in after a long day. Sometimes our gardens need a bit of love to get them looking great, try these tips below and your garden will be well on its way to being the best in your street.

Add dimension

Creating areas of planting within your garden will not only ‘lift’ the garden and make it more interesting and exciting but also it will add a ‘pop’ of colour which will enhance the visual impact. Read more in my 4 Ways to add Dimension to your Garden post.

Add a ‘pop’ of colour to your fence

Applying a different colour to your fence will not only transform how it looks but it will also give the garden a new dimension as the change in background colour will allow you to use different planting styles and bolder colours that will be complemented by the new colourful fence. Read more in my 4 Ways to Add a “Pop” of Colour To Your Fence post.

Remove tired or unfulfilling plants

If your existing plants have become tired, misshapen or no longer have an abundance of flowers like they used to, then simply remove them and replace with either the same type of plant that will grow and bloom like its predecessors originally did or opt for replacing it with something new, maybe a new shape , new colour or even with an interesting name you like. Read more in my How and When to Remove Tired or Unfulfilling Plants post.

Plant in Threes

Instead of buying one plant which can get ‘lost’ within a new border or container, simply buy 3 of the same plant, this will give a great impact of colour, or simply plant them along a border creating a flow or continuation of colour. Read more in my Planting in Threes: The Argument For post.

Let there be light!

No garden is complete without some form of lighting, even better if it’s solar lighting. You can buy string lights to go along the top of your fencing, rope lights to meander up the garden creating a new path or highlighting the edge of your lawn, you can even use solar lanterns in your containers. This will not only make your garden beautiful at night but solar lights are good for the environment. Read more in my 5 Ways to Use Light to Enhance Your Garden post.

Create a focal point

Instead of seeing your garden as a jumble, simply create a focal point in the garden. You can do this by adding a bird table, bird bath, pond, water fountain or even a sculpture. Place it somewhere in the garden that you can see it from a window of the house or from a seating area. It will help draw your eye down the garden taking in its splendour, and depending on what you use could be a great talking point. Create more in my 8 ways to create a focal point in your garden post.

Eat what you sow

Who doesn’t love fresh veg … you can build a raised bed, sow salad in a window box or even plant vegetables in between your flower borders to give a differing visual texture. There is also a wide range of edible flowers that you can grow too! Read more in my 6 easy things to grow to start eating your own post.

Pet-friendly zone

If you have pets that live or are able to go outdoors then why not give them a garden that will keep them active and content. Your beloved pet will enjoy shaded areas, things to climb and places to play hide and seek. Also review the plants you have outside, remove any that are poisonous and replace them with any number of pet-friendly plants. Read more in my 5 Ways of Making Your Garden Pet Friendly post.

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