Create a focal point in your garden

8 ways to create a focal point in your garden

8 ways to create a focal point in your garden… Creating that focal point in your garden needn’t be expensive. Below we share 8 simple ways to
create the perfect focal point that includes the humble garden pond and adding a garden path.

1. Bird table or bird bath

If you love watching the birds in your garden then why not add a decorative bird bath or table. Not
only will you be helping the birds, but you’ll also have a fantastic focal point that is quick and simple
to create. Place a bird bath in the corner of the garden by a bench or seated area. Alternatively, a
wrought iron bird feeder could be placed in the centre of your garden where it is easily viewed from

2. A pond

A pond can be incorporated into any size of garden, and can be any shape. If your garden is small,
keep it simple with a small oval or rectangular pond with pretty water features. If you have lots of
available space then you can go bigger and introduce fish such as koi to create a calming focal

3. Water fountain

Even the smallest garden can benefit from a water fountain. Choose from a modern design in bold
metal or opt for a more traditional water fountain made from ceramic. These come in all shapes and
sizes and are relatively cheap. The great news is that they can be used all year round and are quick
and easy to install.

4. Sculptures

It’s not just plants and water that can be used to create a focal point in your garden. Sculpture is
now being used to form a central focal point or to add interest to seated areas and lawns. Use one
large sculpture for a dramatic focal point, or use several small statues such as animals to tell a story.

5. Decorative pots

Using simple everyday garden objects such as pots can also help you to add interest and a focal
point in your garden. Use large colourful pots, or those with intricate designs or shapes, and group
them together on your patio. They can also be used along paths and garden walls.

6. Decking

When we think of decking, we automatically think about seating. However, the type of flooring and
colour that you choose can also be used to add interest to your garden. A small cottage garden will
benefit from a lush green decking with climbing vines along the balustrade.

7. The garden path

Simple paving slabs can be used to make a fun mosaic pattern that runs throughout the length of
your garden or even around a water feature or bird table. It’s a cheap way of adding colour and interest, just be creative and have fun.

8. The garden shed

The garden shed is obviously used to store garden tools and chairs when not needed, but why not
use the shed to form an interesting viewpoint in the garden. Paint it a vivid blue, paint a mural, or
grow climbing plants upon it. Not only will it be practical but it’ll also look stunning.

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