Create a focal point in your garden

8 ways to create a focal point in your garden

Instead of seeing your garden as a jumble, simply create a focal point in the garden. You can do this by adding a bird table, bird bath, pond, water fountain or even a sculpture. Place it somewhere in the garden that you can see it from a window of the house or from a seating area. It will help draw your eye down the garden taking in its splendour, and depending on what you use could be a great talking point.

Use light in your garden

5 Ways to Use Light to Enhance Your Garden

No garden is complete without some form of lighting, even better if it’s solar lighting. You can buy string lights to go along the top of your fencing, rope lights to meander up the garden creating a new path or highlighting the edge of your lawn, you can even use solar lanterns in your containers. This will not only make your garden beautiful at night but solar lights are good for the environment.