Planting Plan PRO


The PRO version includes all the great information and planting plans as the standard version but it adds more:

  • More detailed plant information
  • 3D coloured rendering of the layout within your garden

Is your garden or yard lacking a bit of colour? structure? flowers even?
Buy a bespoke planting plan for your garden and give your garden that injection of flowers, colour and structure that it truly deserves.

Here is what you will get:

  • Planting Plan (indicating the planting locations and space they will use)
  • Plant inventory (details of the plants in the scheme)
  • Maintenance Plan (what to do to your border through the year)
  • ​3D render of the border in your garden setting

All we need from you are the measurements of the border and a few photos of the area, click the button opposite to start filling in the details.



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